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ANJA International is incorporated in Canada in 2009 & it’s headquarter is located in Toronto, Canada. The Company is formed with the specific purpose of providing financial solution to the people and businesses according to their financial needs.

The Company is founded by successful business Team to create and provide alternative financial solutions to the on going business and project around the globe in collaborations with major private lenders & investors.

ANJA International acronym is derived from All Nation Joint Academy. This reflects our aim of working in harmony with all countries on our planet.

ANJA International is a multi-facet company with diversified reach into Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Solar, Wind; Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Transportation, Airports, Health Care facilities, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Software Engineering and Construction. From conceptual project initiation to detailed engineering, to procurement and through construction and startup operation, ANJA is ready to work with private and public companies around the World. More>>